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Hamburg - Gateway to the World

Hamburg - Das Tor zur Welt (deutsche Version)

Blick von der Terrasse der Jugendherberge "Am Stintfang" in Hamburg über Landungsbrücken, Elbe und Hafen. © NDR Foto: Oliver Diedrich
A typical view of Hamburg: the port and its piers on the river Elbe.

Hamburg is one of three city states in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the country's second biggest city with 1,8 million residents. Only Berlin, the capital, has a bigger population.

Hamburg's landscape is defined by water: Its seaport, located on the river Elbe, is the largest in Germany. Giant container and cruise ships enter the harbour on a daily basis. The city center, including Town Hall and the main shopping areas, is located around the Alster Lake.

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Ein "I" Informationsschild vor der Flagge von Hamburg © Foto: Thaut Images

Hamburg-Guide for Refugees

What does Hamburg offer for refugees? collected all important information for the first steps in the hanseatic city. Where to go when you are sick? Where to find an apartment? mehr

The many faces of Hamburg

Hamburg has many different parts of town: from lively, multicultural Altona and its famous Fish Market (in German: Fischmarkt) to the narrow streets and steep stairways of Blankenese's "Treppenviertel", which offers a bit of Mediterranean flair. Public transport is widely available and will help you discover the city.

A colorful city

Hamburg is said to be a very liberal, cosmopolitan city. Almost every third citizen has foreign roots or family that migrated to Germany at some point in time.

The two most famous soccer teams competing for fans are the HSV (Hamburger Sportverein) and FC St. Pauli. A culinary specialty of Hamburg is called "Franzbrötchen" - a sweet pastry made with butter and cinnamon that almost everyone likes.

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Eine Frau und ein Junge sitzen an einem Tisch © NDR/Jann Wilken Foto: Jann Wilken

"Moin Moin" and welcome!

You just arrived in Germany and have lots of questions? We have collected important contact information, helpful links, news, and children's programmes to help you get settled. mehr

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Mehr Nachrichten aus Hamburg

Das neue Hauptquartier des Hamburger Online-Versandhändlers Otto wird vor zahlreichen Besuchern eröffnet. © picture alliance / dpa Foto: Christian Charisius

Hamburger Otto Group eröffnet neues Hauptquartier

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