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Schleswig-Holstein - Country Between Seas

Schleswig-Holstein - Land zwischen den Meeren (deutsche Version)

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Schleswig-Holstein is a popular place for many people to spend their vacation.

Schleswig-Holstein is the northernmost federal state in Germany and home to about 2,8 million people. Next to its capital Kiel, the city of Lübeck is the only other large town in the region. Denmark is its neighbouring country to the north.

Schleswig-Holstein is surrounded by water: The North Sea creates a natural border to the west, the Baltic Sea to the east. People from all over Germany come here during summer. They spend their vacation in one of the many seaside resorts or on Schleswig-Holstein's numerous islands. So it's no surprise that many locals work in tourism, the maritime trade, or at shipping companies. Agriculture is another important industry for Schleswig-Holstein.

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Famous handball clubs

It might be the only federal state in western Germany that has never played in the premier soccer league. But Schleswig-Holstein has a lot to show for in other sports: Its famous handball clubs THW Kiel and SG Flensburg-Handewitt regularly compete for the championship and play on a world-class level.

Regional cuisine

A good example of a tasty, regional dish is shrimps with scrambled eggs on dark rye bread (in German: Schwarzbrot). Also, Marzipan is internationally known: a candy from Lübeck, made of almonds and sugar.

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