William interviews his Grandparents

Do you still remember the War?

Not really as we were born as the war came to an end. But we remember the ration books and sweet rationing.

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Knabenchor Hannover © Imme Henrike Wolters

Encounter between two countries - a project across generations

The boys of the Boys' Choir Hanover as well as of the Liverpool Cathedral Choir interviewed their Grandparents or other elderly relatives about their memories and associations on the subject war. mehr

What do you think of first when you hear the word "war"?

The suffering of innocent people.

Do you know how your parents got through the War?

Both our father were soldiers in the war. My father William Stanley Merriman was in the Royal Artillery - The Army and fought in India and Burma, he was away from 1941-1945. Hilda’s father James Stephenson Leather was in the navy and was away in the North sea on mine sweepers which was pretty horrific apparently. My mother kept the family butchers shop business going whilst my father was away.

Has your family had any particular experiences in connection with the War?

Both our parents' houses in Liverpool were heavily bombed during the war and they had to move into temporary accommodation with our siblings who are older than us - we hadn't been born.

What happened after the War?

Our fathers came home, new houses were built and slowly food became more plentiful.

Did anybody in your family experience hunger?

My Uncle Edward was a prisoner of the Japanese, he was very hungry but I think things weren’t too bad for the rest of us.

Do you believe something could be done to prevent wars from happening?

I don’t think there is anything that can be "done" as such but people need educating better before they vote for leaders who are power hungry.

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