Julian interviews his Grandfather

Do you still remember the war?

I was born in 1937, so I only remember the final years of the War, and it was a very intense experience.  

Why was it so intense?

I remember a lot of sirens, and air raids, and how we had to get into the cellar for shelter. I think they were accidentally targeting our neighbourhood because there were armament factories in the general area.

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Knabenchor Hannover © Imme Henrike Wolters

Encounter between two countries - a project across generations

The boys of the Boys' Choir Hanover as well as of the Liverpool Cathedral Choir interviewed their Grandparents or other elderly relatives about their memories and associations on the subject war. mehr

Did your family experience hunger?

We lived in a village and had a plot of farmland, a vegetable patch, and some small animals, so we never had to go hungry.

Has your family had any particular experiences in connection with the war?

My father was the village teacher, so at first, he was not drafted, but then - maybe due to the activities of the local NSDAP group leader - he was finally drafted by the Wehrmacht in 1943. In the last war year, he went missing for 6 months; this was one of the most terrible times for my mother and me.

Do you believe something could be done to prevent wars from happening?

In war, all are losers. Some may lose their possessions, others simply suffer. Wars could be prevented through more mutual respect and more willingness to compromise in international relations, but oftentimes, national interests and hunger for power obstruct such efforts.


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