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Nachtclub und Nightlounge vom 28.07.2020

Nightlounge von 04:05 - 05:00 Uhr / Zusammenstellung: Eunice Martins
TitelKomponistBesetzung / InterpretCD ObertitelDauer Min.Dauer Sek.
If I were a songCole, LloydCole, LloydBroken Record347
All the world is greenWaits, Tom; Brennan, KathleenWaits, TomBlood Money436
Break of DayDico, TinaDico, TinaWelcome Back Color408
Just a feelingWilliams, KathrynWilliams, Kathrynthe quickening329
Roy, don´t do itRopstad, ErlendRopstad, ErlendRoy, it ain´t over yet245
Family treeLynne, ShelbyLynne, ShelbyTears, Lies, and Alibis344
Love comes and goesRudd, XavierRudd, Xavier; IzintabaLove comes and goes325
Lord Franklintrad. Arranged by: Bloom, LukaBloom, LukaDreams in America413
Preacher ManAsaAsaBeautiful Imperfection442
UnforgivenAllan, Mitch; DioGuardi, Kara; Lachey, Nick; Hodges, DaveCocker, JoeHard Knocks414
Some JourneyVega, SuzanneVega, SuzanneClose up422
Maggie and Milly and Molly and MayMerchant, NatalieMerchant, NatalieLeave your sleep407
Crush on youRobbins, TimRobbins, Tim and the Rogues Gallery BandTim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band623
Interior DesignZelmani, SophieZelmani, SophieI´m the Rain448

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