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Nachtclub und Nightlounge vom 28.07.2020

Nightlounge von 03:05 - 04:00 Uhr / Zusammenstellung: Jürgen Schäfer
TitelKomponistBesetzung / InterpretCD ObertitelDauer Min.Dauer Sek.
Don't Give UpOliver WilliamsThe William SingersDiverse: The Time For Peace Is Now: Gospel Music About Us305
Baby, What You Want Me To Do(keine Angabe)Erma FranklinErma Franklin Golden Classics216
C. C. RiderChuck WillisChris ClarkDiverse: Mojo Club: Dancefloor Jazz: Vol. 13 – If You Want My Love242
Black Moon RisingAdrian QuesadaBlack PumasBlack Pumas342
She'll Be GoneP. Williams, J. ByersBetty O'BrienDiverse: Outta Sight – The R&B Singles Collection Vol. 202
Subway JoeJoe BataanJoe BataanDiverse: Big Bad Boogaloo - Latin Boogaloo From The Big Apple259
What More Can I Ask ForWinston Williams, Marshall McQueen jr.Betty GoucheDiverse: Kent Masterpieces Of Modern Soul Vol. 3302
I'll Kill A Brick (About My Man)Irene Perkins, Sheila JewelHot SauceHot Sauce – Stax Of Funk248
Can I Be Your SqueezeEdwin Joe BocageChuck CarboDiverse: New Orleans Funk231
Four CornersAllen ToussaintLee DorseyDiverse: New Orleans Funk Vol. 2251
Soul Nuevo(keine Angabe)Sexteto Electrónico ModernoDiverse: Hey Everybody... I Got A New Dance330
Come On UpFelix CavaliereBetty WrightDanger High Voltage302
Since I Don't Have You AnymoreB. O'Connell, K. Finnigan, M. RameyKelly FinniganThe Tales People Tell355
Sweetest Smile and the Funkiest Style (Hey Now Hey – The Other Side Of The Sky)(lt. CD-Booklet Komponist unbekannt)Aretha FranklinRare & Unreleased Recordings From The Golden Reign Of The Queen Of Soul348
I Put A Spell On YouJalacy HawkinsNina SimoneI Put A Spell On You238
Yeah You're Right, You Know You're RightNocentelli/Porter/NevilleThe GatursDiverse: New Orleans Funk 2226
Stay HighBrittany Amber HowardBrittany HowardJaime311
You Ain't The ProblemMichael Kiwanuka, Dean JosiahMichael KiwanukaKiwanuka410
Rikers IslandRaphael SaadiqRaphael SaadiqJimmy Lee340

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