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Nachtclub und Nightlounge vom 02.07.2020

Nightlounge von 02:05 - 03:00 Uhr / Zusammenstellung: Axel Krafft
TitelKomponistBesetzung / InterpretCD ObertitelDauer Min.Dauer Sek.
The Best Thing You Ever HadDonna Rhodes, Sandra Rhodes Rhodes, Sandra Where's Your Love Been312
Half Sister, Half BrotherBarbara MasonMason, Barbara Transition356
Handwriting On The WallSammy TurnerFrankie & The SpindlesCount To Ten - Complete Singles Collection231
It's Better To Have Loved And LostAngelo Bond, General Johnson, Greg PerryCone, Honey Soulful Sugar: The Complete Hot Wax Recordings 246
Catch You On The ReboundJoseph Hooven, Alfred Smith, Jerry WinnWood, Brenton The Very Best Of216
I'm A WinnerNickolas Ashford, Valerie SimpsonRoss, Diana Surrender311
Fascinating Devastating ManTommy Keith, Venus DodsonMills, Eleanore This Is Eleanore Mills324
I'll Never Be The SameArthur Adams,
Caiphus Semenya
Adams, Arthur It's Private Tonight314
You've Been Gone Too LongDavid M. Lee, Ann Burton, Melvin BurtonSexton, Ann Loving You, Loving Me214
She's So Indifferent To Me NowKenneth Johnson, Talmadge ArmstrongThe AscotsDoors301
If We Can't Trust Each OtherEarl RandlePeebles, Ann The Complete Ann Peebles On Hi Records Vol. 1255
I'll Never Let You Break My Heart AgainCharles Bobbit, Fred Wesley, Rusty BryantCollins, Lyn Mama Feelgood: The Best Of Lyn Collins242
So In LoveWilliam "Smokey" RobinsonRobinson, Smokey Smokey's Family Robinson443
You're The FoolSharon McMahanBell, Madeline Madeline Bell235
Keep CoolJerry RagovoyTate, Howard Howard Tate234
The Easiest Way To FallEdith Wayne, Ron Dunbar, Scherrie LavetteLaws, Eloise VA- Music Merchant B-Sides (The Holland Dozier Holland 45s)232
I'm Gonna Make You Love MeJerry Ross, Jerry Williams, Kenneth GambleWarwick, Dee Dee VA- Arte Summer Of Soul256
Back HomeBrian Jackson, Gil Scott-HeronScott-Heron, Gil  & Jackson, Brian Winter In America249
Mean ManAllen ToussaintHarris, Betty The Lost Queen Of New Orleans Soul239
I'm Still In Love With YouAl Jackson, Al Green, Willie MitchellGreen, Al Greatest Hits: The Best of Al Green314

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