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lfd Nr.TitelBesetzung / InterpretCD ObertitelDauer Min.Dauer Sek.
1Born an underdogCultdreamsThings that hurt336
2Green & BlueThe Murder CapitalWhen I have fears617
3Going NorwayGirl BandGoing Norway413
4Boom hazardGaucheA people's history of Gauche329
5Hit me upWivesHit me up311
6TobyProperI spent the winter writing songs about getting better425
7Holy lifeThe Stevenson Ranch DividiansAmerikana419
8Mean Machine MusicThe WarlocksMean Machine Music535
11PerfectGlittererLooking through the shades20
12Rose of SharonTitle FightHyperview250
13Wack MagickThe Stevenson Ranch DividiansAmerikana350
14Disfigured figureThe WarlocksMean Machine Music313
15FreedomThe Emily BrothersChronic Pleasure80
16Nights that won't happenPurple MountainsPurple Mountains610
17My pillow is the thresholdSilver JewsLookout mountain, lookout sea352
18World of confusionGross NetGross net means gross net555
19An hour of visionHibouHalve341
20Cry iceHeavy HeartCry ice539
21Ecstatic DanceAntwoodDelphi539
22ToxinsCultdreamsThings that hurt457


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