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Nachtclub und Nightlounge vom 05.12.2019

Nachtclub von 00:05 - 02:00 Uhr mit Peter Urban
TitelBesetzung / InterpretPlattenfirmaCD ObertitelLänge MinLänge Sek
Dream a whileBonnie Prince BillyDominoI have made a place330
DrownedEmily Jane WhiteTalitres/Rough TradeImmanent Fire245
This is far from overBonnie Prince BillyDominoI have made a place430
EntityEmily Jane WhiteTalitres/Rough TradeImmanent Fire246
ChurchColdplayParlophoneEveryday Life350
Trouble in townColdplayParlophoneEveryday Life440
BrokEnColdplayParlophoneEveryday Life230
ArabesqueColdplayParlophoneEveryday Life540
When I need a friendColdplayParlophoneEveryday Life235
GunsColdplayParlophoneEveryday Life155
EkoColdplayParlophoneEveryday Life238
Cry cry cryColdplayParlophoneEveryday Life238
Bani AdamColdplayParlophoneEveryday Life315
Mediterranean XmasJosh RouseYep RocThe holiday sounds of…220
Santa Claus, Santa ClausKeb' Mo'ConcordMoonlight, Mistletoe & You355
Red SuitJosh RouseYep RocThe holiday sounds of…340
New York HolidayJosh RouseYep RocThe holiday sounds of…355
Merry merry ChristmasKeb' Mo'ConcordMoonlight, Mistletoe & You435
Happy holidaysRobbie RobertsonUMI-425
Red right handNick CaveUMIOST. Peaky Blinders610
What he wroteLaura MarlingUMIOST. Peaky Blinders45
You and whose armyRadioheadUMIOST. Peaky Blinders310
BreathlessNick CaveUMIOST. Peaky Blinders313
Red right handPJ HarveyUMIOST. Peaky Blinders250
Di I wanna knowArtic MonkeysUMIOST. Peaky Blinders430
LazarusDavid BowieUMIOST. Peaky Blinders620

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