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Niedersachsen: From the Mountains to the Sea

Niedersachsen: Vielfalt vom Harz bis zum Meer (deutsche Version)

Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) is located in the north-west of Germany. Approximately 7,8 million people live here. Hannover is the capital of this federal state. Niedersachsen borders on the Netherlands to the west, and the North Sea to the north. Many beautiful small islands lie close to the shore and are popular holiday destinations. In this region, called Ostfriesland, it is common to drink black tea with rock candy and a splash of cream.

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Niedersachsen-Guide for Refugees

Contacts and adresses for refugees in Niedersachsen in a nutshell: Where do I apply for asylum? Where can I take German classes? Where do I get clothes? mehr

From the mountains to the sea

But there is more to Niedersachsen than just the seaside: The Harz Mountains are a low mountain range in the southern part of Niedersachsen. It is covered with large forests and lakes and is a good place to go skiing in the winter time.

Volkswagen city

Many people in Niedersachsen are farmers or work in agriculture. Also, Volkswagen (VW) is an important regional employer. It is the largest car manufacturer in Europe, with its headquarters in the city of Wolfsburg. The company even owns its own soccer team: the VfL Wolfsburg. It plays in Germany's premier league, alongside Hannover 96. Other important cities of Niedersachsen are Göttingen and Braunschweig, where many young people go to study.

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"Moin Moin" and welcome!

You just arrived in Germany and have lots of questions? We have collected important contact information, helpful links, news, and children's programmes to help you get settled. mehr

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